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Hello and welcome to! Now, I know what you may be thinking, this cannot be a serious Thunder website with this title… and I completely get it! But let me assure you that you can throw that doubt out the window starting now.

Here you will find the most up to date information on the Oklahoma City Thunder, whether it be the latest news, rumors, or storylines surrounding the team you will find it here on KyleSingler4MVP.

This website is built on cold hard journalism, with the intention being when you click on an article, you wont have an ad shoved down your throat, or be bombarded with slideshows to click through. You are getting your information right then and there, one click of a button, with zero hoops to jump through.

Quick Answers to Questions You May Have:

What’s With The Name?

How Do I keep updated?

Great question. The best way to stay constantly updated should follow the blog via email. One your email is entered you will receive the most up to date information on when stories and news are dropped, along with what articles you should be on the look out for!

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About The Blogger

Abiding in Oklahoma, Ben Creider has been a fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder and NBA ever since was a child. Creider has been a student of the game, spending alot of his time breaking down and studying the game of basketball. His devotion towards the game has led him to his interests in media and journalism. As he has his time split on podcasting and writing on the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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