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Thunder ink Aaron Wiggins to a two-way contract

One of the Thunder’s biggest stipulations headed into the NBA Draft came in the form of roster spots. With a team permeating with rotational talent, many expected Oklahoma City to exhaust a mere three guaranteed roster spots through the draft. As reported Sunday, that hypothetical benchmark has been reached.

According to Joe Mussatto of The Oklahoman, second-round pick Aaron Wiggins has been inked to a two-way contract.

The deal will lock Wiggins into the first of two two-way spots available.

The verdict to sign Wiggins under a two-way deal is mutual for both parties. In the case of the Thunder, one of their few open standard contracts went unscathed through the deal, allowing themselves a lot more flexibility in the Free Agent Market. For Wiggins, this deal allows him the chance to play a major role with the Thunder’s G-League Affiliate Oklahoma City Blue, but also get a slue of reps at the NBA level.

Thanks to recent changes within two-way contracts, Wiggins’ current deal allows him to play 50 regular-season games with Oklahoma City. Before new agreements, Wiggins would’ve been allocated a mere 45 days alongside the Thunder — even on off-days.

As mentioned in Wiggins’ draft day article, he’s a prototypical wing under Sam Presti’s system. The 22-year-old showed glimpses of defensive versatility throughout his tenure in Maryland. Plus, with averages of 35.2% from distance — he has the seeds of being a competent shooter. Under his assignments to the Blue, Wiggins’ palate would almost certainly suggest he’d garner starting minutes. Once recalled to the Thunder, his defense coupled with a corner three would make a solid contributor off the bench.

With one two-way deal locked up, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s attention has been turned towards previous two-way signees Josh Hall and Jaylen Hoard as both are up for qualifying offers.

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