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Thunder to buy out Vit Krejci’s deal with Basket Zaragoza

When the Oklahoma City Thunder originally acquired Vit Krejci in last season’s draft, the 21-year-old’s timeline with the franchise was in question.

That question is no more.

As first reported by EuroHoops, the Oklahoma City Thunder have paid his former team, Basket Zaragoza, the remainder of his contract for an extermination clause.

Details of how much Zaragoza has been paid out is unknown, though the 21-year-old had two years remaining on his contract overseas.

The news of Krejci officially being tacked on to the Thunder’s future should come to little surprise. Since Krejci was drafted 37th, and subsequently traded to Oklahoma City last season, the guard has been actively training in Oklahoma City, even attending Thunder home games, and as of last month, attending Darius Bazley’s 21st birthday party.

Krejci was not just residing in Oklahoma City last season, as the guard was signed to the G-League Affiliate Oklahoma City Blue for the G-League bubble, though he was not an active member of the team.

Instead, Krejci’s deal presumably allowed the guard access to workout in the Thunder’s practice facility while receiving treatment for his ACL, which he tore last September.

The 6-foot-8 guard is expected to partake in team practices over the course of July with the expectancy of joining the Thunder’s Summer League roster in their action next month.

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