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Podcast: Thunder Round-Up — Breaking down the top Thunder rumors of the week

The Oklahoma City Thunder have been caught in a web of rumors in the last coming weeks… almost too many to count surprisingly. With that being said, this episode of the Thundersticks Podcast should have you covered.

In this episode I (Ben) discuss a wide range of rumors that have come the Thunder’s way the last week. Of those of note, names in Vasilije Micic, Gabriel Deck, Al Horford, and even Kyle Kuzma (?) come to mind.

Whether it’s discussions of Micic trade talk, future discussions on Deck, or even mock-up trades on Al Horford — this episode should tackle it all.

For most usual’s to the site, this may be the first time you’ve seen a Podcast hit your feed — that’s actually because it is. Since the creation of the site I’ve also been producing the Thundersticks Podcast through it all. Typically, these Pods can be found on the “Media” section of the site, or simply via Twitter, though not through blog form.

That decision is primarily made because everything hammered out through Podcasts — are also hammered out through site posts themselves. For today, this episode is filled from legitimate rumors, to laughable takes that, honestly, would be foolish to post on it’s own.

Hopefully you guys enjoy the change of pace here! Always love hearing the feedback from you all!


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