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‘It just felt like the the right fit’: Gabriel Deck speaks on Oklahoma City for the first time


With the arrival of Gabriel Deck, the media has been stuck in a frenzy trying to not only the Argentinian play — but to hear his thoughts on the team. After three weeks of waiting, the time had finally come as Deck spoke with the media following Saturday’s practice.

Through a translator, Deck rattled out eight-minutes worth of interview to media, here are the highlights:

Q: What was the emotion like putting on the [a Thunder] jersey for the first time yesterday?

  • Paris Lawson, OKC Thunder Broadcasting

“To be honest, it felt amazing. I’m really, really honored and grateful for the opportunity to put on this uniform, and thankful for the franchise, and looking forward to getting on the court.” 

Q: What are your first impressions of Oklahoma City as a city and the organization as a team?

  • Brandon Rahbar, Daily Thunder

“I haven’t really had a chance to actually explore Oklahoma City just going through quarantine. But initial thoughts, I’m really excited and in terms of the franchise. I can’t say enough words about how I’ve been treated to this point, from the moment I got on the plane to now, everything has been unbelievable so I can’t ask for more.”

Q: There’s a nice lineage of NBA players having success in the NBA. Just curious how much you’re looking forward to continuing that and honoring your home country [Argentina.]

  • Nick Gallo, OKC Thunder Broadcasting

“I’m grateful for all those who came before me to pave the way for Argentinians in the NBA. I hope to continue to build that lineage and hopefully create opportunities for boys and girls looking up to us to reach the league and have more of a presence moving forward.”

Q: Mark Daigneault has described you multiple times as a “self made player,” being from Argentina, I’m just curious about your path as a basketball player and your route [to the NBA?]

  • Joe Mussatto, The Oklahoman 

“It’s been a long and challenging road. I moved out the house at 13-years-old, had to kinda navigate through that on my own but I’m super grateful for all my friends and family who remained with me along the way. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them.”

Q: How much did you know about Zion Williamson before last night, and what was that like matching up with him in your first NBA matchup?

  • Andrew Schlecht, Down to Dunk Podcast

“Yeah I was familiar with Zion, obviously from the highlights, seeing him on TV, so it was an unbelievable experience to share the court with him. Obviously growing up you always play the best in the world so it was an honor.”

Q: What were some of the deciding factors to come over to the States and play, and what attracted you to the Oklahoma City Thunder?

  • Steve McGahee, News 9

Yeah Oklahoma City really eased any concerns I may have had transitioning [into the NBA.] Obviously not knowing the language [is a concern] but they helped me throughout the process. This is a hard-working young rebuilding team, it just felt like the right fit.”

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