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Vasilije Micic’s agent on agreed upon OKC deal: “this is completely false information”

Last week, reports circulated that 6-foot-6 guard Vasilje Micic was intending to sign a contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder after rejecting a contract extension — now we know, those claims are false (at least for now.)

In a television interview with Misko Raznatovic, Micic’s agent, he reported that accounts of Micic to Oklahoma City were “completely false information.”

Here’s what Raznatovic said in full over the mumurs:

“This [Micic to OKC] is completely false information. It’s not possible at this time of the year to talk seriously with NBA teams. I believe he is the best guard in Europe and he deserves to be in the NBA. And I really believe that he will be next year in the NBA at OKC or somewhere else. We will know in July.”

Misko Raznatovic in interview with “Jumball”

In regards to Raznatovic’s statement over any deal, he is one-hundred percent correct. For Micic, any discussions to make an NBA leap next year would need to be left on the back burner until the league’s moratorium period, which in a typical year begins shortly after the draft — an event that is two months away (July 29.)

For Micic, his NBA market should attract a vast majority of franchises. At age 27, Micic has dominated the overseas circuit for 11-years, finishing his last season with Anadolu Efes hoisting a career-high 16.1 points and 5.0 assists in 33 appearances while shooting 35-percent from distance on 4.5 tries per contest.

Given Raznatovic’s wording of “in the NBA at OKC or somewhere else,” his destination is unclear, but one thing is guaranteed — he wants minutes. In a May 2020 interview with EuroHoops Micic stated, “I don’t want to just play in the NBA. If the situation goes wrong, I don’t want to be proud of just being there. I want to be part of an NBA team, to get to play. Playing in the NBA alone won’t make me happy if I can’t be significant there.”

If Oklahoma City would manage to carve a steady role for Micic, the roster would almost need to in some matter slice guard minutes amongst Gilgeous-Alexander, Maledon, Jerome, Mykhailiuk (if extended,) or any potential draft selection — that’s easier said than done. Knowing Sam Presti, if Micic were to ask to be sent to another team, don’t be surprised if even more draft capital surfaces in Bricktown. On the flipside, if Micic joins the team, expect him to add to an already colossal list of passing threats capable of stretching the defense. As of now, we wait.

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