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Gabriel Deck contract details revealed

After Friday’s report of Real Madrid forward Gabriel Deck reaching an agreement with the Thunder, one tidbit yet to be solved came from his payroll — now we know.

As first reported by Andrew Schlecht of The Athletic, the 6-foot-8 forward will sign a four-year contract worth up to $14.5 million. Deck will make a baseline salary of $3.87 million for year one, while years two through four will be non-guaranteed with an expected fourth-year team option.

As mentioned by Schlecht, Deck’s contract structure will help the Thunder to meet the league’s salary floor. NBA guidelines set franchises a standard to spend 90 percent of their salary cap towards player salary — this move helped accomplish this. The penalty for hovering below the floor is minimal as any “violator” would need to equally split their remaining money across the roster — now that money is going to Deck.

Per Marcelo Nogueira, Deck’s timeline for a debut should start around April 23 against the Washington Wizards.

In Oklahoma City’s efforts to sign the Argentinian, the full-scale, 15-man roster must be shed of a roster spot. Sam Presti shouldn’t have much issue gouging out a spot for Deck, as 10-day signee Justin Robinson is set to have his contract expire Friday.

The 26-year-old will join Oklahoma City’s roster as its fourth-oldest member behind Al Horford (34,) Mike Muscala (29,) and Kenrich Williams (26.)

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