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Jaylen Hoard and Justin Robinson set to debut Monday

In a domino effect of moves Monday morning, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s string of news continues as we now know recent acquisitions Jaylen Hoard and Justin Robinson will play tonight against the Detroit Pistons.

“[The] plan is to get [Hoard and Robinson] out there… We will toss them out there [tonight.]”

Mark Daigneault, speaking on Jaylen Hoard and Justin Robinson

Given there are no impromptu rulings from the league, Hoard and Robinson are going to face the Detroit Pistons tonight — just hours removed from signing on the dotted line. As Daigneault outlined in his media presser, both players are currently in Oklahoma City and should be good to go.

Daigneault raved about how the team’s scouts were intrigued over both prospects leading into their signings — and there’s probably no better game to test them versus Detroit.

Oklahoma City’s roster will consist of a mere ten active players (Hoard and Robinson included) heading into tonight, and with current mainstays in SGA, Dort, Bazley, Roby, and Hall sitting, it is inevitable they are going to buzz into the scorer’s table at some point in the night.

Monday’s contest is not only a great opportunity based off their depleted roster, but Detroit’s current roster gives way for an excess of experimentation. The Pistons enter tonight’s matchup with a paltry 14-35 record, good for last in the East, plus a roster also thrusting young pieces into the limelight.

With that said, view this as a feeler game for both Hoard and Robinson as the Thunder’s current situation coupled with Detroit’s similar mindset should provide solid matchups all night long.

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