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Shai Gilgeous-Alexander out for foreseeable future with plantar fasciitis

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander made the Thunder’s mid-day injury report for Wednesday’s match against the Memphis Grizzlies — but this time, Shai will not be out for maintenance purposes.

Shai has missed two of the last six contests for the Thunder entering today, under listings of shoulder and a quad contusion, however; the 22-year-old recent diagnosis of plantar fasciitis in his foot leaves him in doubt for the foreseeable future.

Mark Daigneault made this clear in Wednesday’s pre-game presser with the media. “I don’t want to use long-term, cause it’s vague, but it’s not day-to-day. It’s going to be a more significant amount of time than day-to-day. This one is an injury that we need to now take a look at,” Daigneault said.

Plantar fasciitis injuries (inflammation to the plantar fascia) are taken on a case-by-case basis, given that there are varying severities of plantar fascia injuries that dictate recovery time.

Daigneault did not have much insight into Shai’s injury, learning of his status this morning, but he did note updates will surface as more becomes known.

“The other [DNP listings] were maintenance. We were very up front about that at the time… this is what we were trying to avoid,” later adding, “It sounds like a bit more of a cumulative [injury]… It added up and got to this point.”

With the Thunder organization keen on resting players throughout the season, (see: Al Horford) do not be surprised if Mark Daigneault plays the long-game, sitting Shai out until he is at one-hundred percent capacity.

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