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Injury Update: Terrance Ross Will Be Available in Tonight’s Game vs. Thunder, Evan Fournier Will Be Out.

Entering tonight’s match-up pitting the Thunder against the Magic, one thing that was going a bit under the radar was the Magic’s injury situation.

The Magic came into this morning with four players out indefinitely: Jonathon Isaac, James Ennis, Al Faruq-Aminu, and Chuka Okeke. They also had two players listed as game time decisions in Terrance Ross (Hamstring) and Evan Fournier (Back.)

Hypothetically if both Ross and Fournier were out, the Magic’s rotation would have consisted of just nine players, the league requires a minimum of eight players on a team for a game to be played. One idea was drawn up in Saturday’s rendition of the Thundersticks Podcast (around the 28 minute mark) was the team potentially not even having eight players!

“These are six players who have the possibility to be out for this match-up… They need a minimum of eight players. So, if two or more Magic players get injured or have something COVID-related, this game is postponed.

Nick Talbott- Thundersticks Podcast

Reluctantly for the Magic, this scary thought probably will not come to fruition as Terrance Ross will be available for Saturday’s match-up, bringing their roster to ten. Evan Fournier will still remain out however, as he hopes to play for the Magic vs. the Cavaliers on Monday.

Michael-Carter Williams will replace Evan Fournier in the starting lineup this game, but losing Fournier may be pivotal for the Magic, as he dropped 14 points in the first Thunder-Magic game this year.

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